Italian Steel Rod Tek Srl (ISRT) is the result of many years of experience that the founding partners gained in the field of the construction of tie-rods and equipment for the processing of natural stone.Our start up is driven by conviction and enthusiasm: we will be able to offer innovative solutions for our customers, through the use of new 4.0 technologies too, in order to improve the performance of the gangsaws and to obtain more efficient cutting results.

“There is always a better way” - Thomas Alva Edison
“A tie-rod can make a difference and we know it well ”

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Italian Steel Rod Tek is something different. We want to sell a service to our customer. Our sales office will support him both in the pre-sale phase, during which it becomes necessary to understand exactly what he needs, and in the post-sale, where we provide timely assistance, with prompt intervention on site, when needed.

The quality of the Italian brand, the know how we acquired in the industry, the ability be creative and innovative at the same time, coupled with the passion and enthusiasm that led us to embark on this new business challenge, represents and will always represent the core values of our business.

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We are constantly looking for innovation, we are improving the quality and performance of our products; all this represents the mission of our entrepreneurial initiative, which is part of the great tradition of Made in Italy. Thanks to the experience we gained over the years in the field, we are able to offer a reliable product, made of high quality materials and using high precision machinery, and carefully follow the entre route processing, until packing and subsequent shipment.

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